Lenovo Announces 42 World Record Performance Benchmarks for New ThinkSystem Server Portfolio

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. and BROOKLYN, N.Y. – Jul 11, 2017 – Lenovo (HKSE:992) today announced 42 new universe record benchmarks for a ThinkSystem server portfolio, integrated with a latest Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, according to attention heading benchmark organizationsA. The ThinkSystem portfolio of solutions is engineered to assistance business revoke complexity and tackle their many severe workloads.

The new ThinkSystem portfolio brings a gold-standard for a attention underneath a singular one code travelling servers, storage and networking systems. The ThinkSystem portfolio can adjust to changing IT needs while shortening complexity and cost. Lenovo’s latest server portfolio includes 14 rarely configurable servers opposite shelve and tower, goal critical, unenlightened and blade platforms, as good as new hyperscale complement designs, all of that streamline IT infrastructure and lead to increasing use levels in a information core that tie directly to business growth. Additionally, business can select between opposite technologies and scale record as workloads change. Lenovo engineered a ThinkSystem portfolio to work seamlessly with an organization’s before investments, but a need to totally re-architect a information center.

Lenovo has sum 7 new solutions covering cloud, vast data, analytics and database that are upheld on a new ThinkSystem servers, as good as introducing dual new Intel® solutions. These craving solutions are designed to broach value to business by utilizing Lenovo’s innovations in server opening and trustworthiness as good as partnership with industry-leading program partners. 

Performance Unlocked: ThinkSystem Achieves 42 #1 Performance Benchmarks
In further to shortening complexity and streamlining operations, today’s business are increasingly looking for some-more from their investments and need certainty in their record partner to broach a form of opening and accessibility compulsory to run perfectionist and elaborating workloads like Microsoft SQL Server. Building on a longstanding approval as a #1 x86 server businessman for reliability and patron satisfaction1, Lenovo’s new ThinkSystem servers have achieved 42 #1 opening universe records.  

The TPC-E benchmark uses a database to indication a brokerage organisation with business who beget online transaction estimate (OLTP) exchange associated to trades, comment inquiries, and marketplace research. Lenovo is a initial to mangle a $100 USD/transaction per second per E benchmark (tpsE) cost separator on TPC-E, with $93.48 USD/tpsE2, 16% reduce than a before low of $111.65 USD/tpsE3. In further to Lenovo achieving a lowest $USD/tpsE, Lenovo also achieved a top TPC-E opening for any 2-socket complement with 6,598.36 tpsE2. This benchmark shows how business can reduce their altogether costs, while still achieving a opening compulsory to routine their patron transactions. In further to a TPC-E WR’s on a SR650, Lenovo also achieved a TPC-H universe record on a SR950.  The TPC Benchmark™H (TPC-H) is a preference support benchmark. This benchmark illustrates preference support systems that inspect vast volumes of data, govern queries with a high grade of complexity, and give answers to vicious business questions. Lenovo has published a best opening outcome ever on a non-clustered TPC-H™ benchmark @10,000GB scale. The ThinkSystem SR950 server achieved a following score: 1,336,109.6 QphH™ @10,000GB (queries per hour H) during $0.92 USD / QphH @10,000GB8.

Lenovo has also demonstrated success to assist financial marketplace customers, delivering 26 STAC-M3 universe record benchmarks on a ThinkSystem SR950 and ThinkSystem SR650.  The STAC-M3 benchmarks magnitude severe workloads in time-series analytics.  The ThinkSystem SR950 set universe annals in 9 of a 15 required, and dual of a discretionary STAC-M3 ‘big-memory’ Shasta benchmarks. One of these formula was over 2x aloft than before scores in a STAC-M3 Shasta benchmark4.

The ThinkSystem SR650 also set universe annals in 15 of 17 meant response-time benchmarks when using a STAC-M3 Antuco benchmark suite, compared to before publicly reported formula for single-node 2 hollow servers using a Kx Systems kdb+ database7. The STAC-M3 benchmark reports for a SR950 and SR650 are publicly available. The Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 has set a new singular node 2-socket opening universe record with a SPECmpiM_base2007 metric from a MPI M2007 apartment of a SPEC MPI 2007 Benchmark9.

In addition, Lenovo set universe record universe annals in SPECvirt_sc20135 in 2 hollow server, and SPECjbb20156 benchmarks on 1, 2, 4, and 8 hollow servers. These new universe record benchmark formula denote Lenovo’s joining in delivering a opening a business pattern from their server investments, in further to providing business stretchable systems that are rarely reliable.

“Today’s proclamation reconfirms Lenovo’s joining to disrupting a bequest standing quo and providing rare investment insurance for customers,” pronounced Kirk Skaugen, President of Lenovo Data Center Group. “Lenovo’s 42 new universe violation benchmarks for a new ThinkSystem servers utilizes a latest Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, sum with third parties rating Lenovo as a #1 x86 server complement trustworthiness and patron satisfaction, showcases Lenovo’s engineering strength and some-more importantly a tellurian joining to surpass patron expectations.”

Lenovo Collaborates with Intel to Delivery Intel® Select Solutions
Lenovo also announced currently support for Intel Select Solutions, a new set of optimized solutions formed on a Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors targeting today’s formidable information core workloads. These solutions offer business an industry-standard resolution while simplifying and accelerating a routine of selecting, deploying, and optimizing information core infrastructure to run specific workloads. The Lenovo Validated Design for VMWare vSAN and Lenovo Database Validated Designs for High Performance Microsoft SQL Server OLTP will be accessible starting in Oct 2017.

Additional Quote
“The Lenovo ThinkSystem server portfolio delivers 42 new universe record benchmarks. Today’s formula are an glorious covenant to Lenovo’s ThinkSystem server creation and record design,” pronounced Kim Stevenson, Senior Vice President, Data Center Infrastructure Business during Lenovo. “The perfect series and a farrago of these benchmarks denote Lenovo’s joining to creation and drives business value for a customers, permitting them to run a many perfectionist workloads and applications.”

About STAC
The Securities Technology Analysis Center (STAC) is a association that coordinates a village called a STAC Benchmark Council. The STAC Benchmark Council consists of over 300 financial institutions and some-more than 50 businessman organizations whose purpose is to try technical hurdles and solutions in financial services and to rise record benchmark standards that are useful to financial organizations. User firms embody a largest tellurian banks, brokerage houses, exchanges, sidestep funds, exclusive trade shops, and other marketplace participants. Vendor firms embody innovative manufacturers of processor, server, storage, and network hardware, as good as horizontal-market program providers and straight specialists. STAC-M3 benchmarks are governed by user firms in a STAC Benchmark Council. The STAC-M3 benchmark news for a SR950 is publicly available.

The TPC is a non-profit house founded to conclude transaction estimate and database benchmarks and to disseminate objective, verifiable TPC opening information to a industry.

Additional Resources
For some-more information about Lenovo’s ThinkSystem server opening and benchmark results, revisit http://lenovopress.com/LP0698.

Results referenced are stream as of Jul 11, 2017. To perspective all TPC results, revisit http://www.tpc.org. The sum resolution accessibility for this TPC-E* benchmark outcome is Oct 19, 2017. See a sum for this outcome http://www.tpc.org/4080.

Additional sum for any of a ThinkSystem servers enclosed in today’s proclamation are accessible here.

About Lenovo
Lenovo (HKSE: 992) (ADR: LNVGY) is a $43 billion tellurian Fortune 500 association and a personality in providing innovative consumer, commercial, and craving technology. Our portfolio of high-quality, secure products and services covers PCs (including a mythological Think and multimode Yoga brands), workstations, servers, storage, intelligent TVs and a family of mobile products like smartphones (including a Motorola brand), tablets and apps. Join us on LinkedIn, follow us on Facebook or Twitter (@Lenovo) or revisit us at www.lenovo.com
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