TriLens Camera Lens Mount Lets You Change Lenses Even Faster (video)

TriLens Camera Lens Mount Lets You Change Lenses Even Faster (video)

TriLens Mount

Professional photographers and enthusiasts but need to change camera lenses on their DSLR on a regular basis during a photo shoot may be interested in a new three lens mount aptly named the TriLens.

The TriLens has been specifically designed to provide an easy way to carry multiple lenses and quickly change them when the need arises making sure you never miss that perfect shot.


Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the TriLens camera lens mount which is taken to Kickstarter this month to raise the required funds the development team need to take the design into production.

At Frii Designs we’re on a mission to give photographers around the world the opportunity to experiment more when they’re in the heat of the moment. As photographers, we are on a constant journey to develop our skills and personal touch. And many of us have a collection of amazing lenses, all with their own look and purpose. But when we’re on location there’s no time to fiddle around with lens caps and bulky bags. By carefully studying the workflow of professional photographers we designed a product that eliminates the need for multiple camera bodies, assistants and bulky bags. This is the TriLens.

The TriLens is designed to give you freedom. Never miss that breathtaking view in the wild or moment at the wedding. Quickly adapt to new circumstances when shooting documentaries or swap lenses in an instant when you’re taking portraits. By having your favorite glass right on your hip and reducing the time of changing lenses the TriLens will give you the freedom to experiment more when you’re on location.

We only use high strength steel and fiber reinforced nylon to make sure you don’t have to worry about anything else than what’s in front of your camera. To ensure high quality and reliability the TriLens is designed, manufactured and assembled here in Sweden. The TriLens is weather resistant and designed to withstand loads up to 100 kg, just in case you would want to carry a space telescope through a war zone.

Pledges are available from $95 with shipping expected to take place during October 2017. Lenses supported include Nikon, Canon and Sony.

Source: Kickstarter

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