Planet Earth II Trailer Released For New Natural History Series Airing Next Month (video)

Planet Earth II

The BBC has this week expelled a initial trailer for a new Planet Earth II healthy story series, that will be airing subsequent month. Offering a follow-up to a rarely successful BBC Planet Earth array that was initial promote behind in 2006.

Once again David Attenborough will be narrating a movement during a inlet documentary that has been filmed over a final 4 years around a universe in over 64 opposite countries.

The Planet Earth II array will be accessible in 4K Ultra HD and uses a latest camera stabilisation, remote recording and aerial worker record to concede viewers to get an rare closer demeanour during a life of animals around a world, from bugs and birds to a lioness aggressive a journey giraffe.

Check out a trailer next to learn some-more about what we can design from a follow-up Planet Earth II array that has been combined by a BBC and will be shown initial on a BBC One channel during Nov 2016, before being done accessible on Blu-ray discs.

Source: BBC

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