iOS 10 Adoption At 14 Percent After 24 Hours

iOS 10

Apple’s iOS 10 software has been available for over 24 hours and according to a recent report by MixPanel, the new OS is now on 14.53 percent of devices.

This is apparently higher than that of the iOS 9 adoption, which was on 12.42% after 24 hours and iOS 10 is expected to continue to be adopted at a higher rate.

Since launch, iOS 10 adoption has increased approximately 4.41% per hour. Combining this data with an expected slowdown after the initial launch, Mixpanel’s VP of Engineering, Joe Xavier, predicts that iOS 10 will reach 50% adoption in less than 11 days, likely on Sunday, Sept. 25. In comparison, iOS 9 took 12 days to reach 50%, iOS 8 took 31 days, and iOS 7 took 5 days.

You can track the current iOS 10 adoption rates over at Mixpanel at the link below. The new OS does appear to be more popular than the last one so far.

Source Mixpanel

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