Apple Store Is Coming To India

Apple Store

It looks like the Apple Store will be coming to India as the India government is relaxing its foreign direct investment rules, which will effectively allow Apple to open its retail stores in the country.

Previously foreign businesses had to sell 30% locally sourced goods, although Apple had been looking to get around this rule.

The changes to the rules means that Apple will be able to open their Apple Stores in India and will be able to operate without selling 30% locally produced goods for the next three years at least, this could be extended to eight years of Apple can show that its goods are ‘state of the art’ and use ‘cutting edge’ technology.

This should give Apple enough time to setup some sort of manufacturing in India to produce some of its devices in the country. Apple have not confirmed as yet on whether they are launching any specific retail stores, although we are expecting an announcement over the next few weeks now that the rules have changed.

Source TNW

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